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Using Learning Objectives

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video: https://vimeo.com/230620198/2747313954

A Learning Objective is a group of questions you define as a way to measure class or individual performance in a specific area.

Please Note: Objectives are not supported in conjunction with multiple test versions.

To set up a learning objective, go to the test page. Make sure your test has only one answer key.

Find the Objectives at the bottom right of the screen. Click "Test Objectives".

You can also edit your objectives by clicking to edit the answer key, and then clicking Edit under Aligned Objectives.


You will be directed to the Objectives page.

To add an objective, click New Objective.

The Objective Properties sidebar appears.

Here you will name your objective, add a benchmark percentage, and align your objective with different test questions. Please Note: It is not required for you to apply a Benchmark Percentage to your objective.

You may add as many objectives as you want with any combination of the questions on your test. Then click Save Objective

When you have added an objective, you may click on it to edit/delete it, or view the Aligned Questions on the right side of the screen.

When you have created all desired objectives, click Go back.

Your objectives will appear in the Objectives. The default will only show the Overall score next to each student. To show student scores based on the different aligned objectives, expand the Test Objectives and check the box next to each objective you would like to display. To display all objectives, click Show All.

Several reports will include the Learning Objectives. To run reports for your data, click Reports.


You are directed to the Reports page. There are several reports that show the defined Learning Objectives.

101 – Student Statistics Report will give you a report of how each student performed in each learning objective.


111 – Class Learning Objectives Report will give you a report on class achievement based on your defined learning objectives. This report is only available when you have a defined learning objective.


112 – Student Achievement Report will give you a detailed look into the performance of each student in comparison to each learning objective that has a defined benchmark percentage.

150 – Student Grade Report includes the student’s performance in each learning objective at the top of each report. 

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