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Using PDF Files in Remark Office OMR

Remark Office OMR can process PDF image files. Please remember that even if you produce a PDF of your form, you should still scan it when creating a form template in the Remark Office OMR Template Editor. Using a scanned image as the basis for the template will match the filled-in forms when they are eventually scanned.

Important Note: PDF files are not native image files. Therefore, Remark Office OMR has to convert them to an image format in order to read them properly. This can slow down the recognition process. Whenever possible, we recommend scanning forms as TIF images, which will produce the smallest file and will process the fastest. If you use a muti-function printer (MFP) where PDF is often the default scan option, check with your IT staff to see if they can change the MFP to default to TIF when scanning.

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