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Using Test Documents

A Test Document is the document of test questions that corresponds with the answer sheet you created in Remark Test Grading Cloud Edition. It is the test itself. For ease of use, you can optionally upload the test document (Word or PDF format) and then print a test with each student's answer sheet, making distribution of the tests easier.

Go to your specified class and locate the test for which you would like to upload a Test Document. If you do not have a test created, go to the top of the page and click “New Test” to create a test.

Next, click and open the Test. You should be in the “Test” window.


Here you can create your answer key, view student testing information, and upload your Test Document.

The answer key you define under “Answer Keys” should correspond to the correct answers in the Test Document.

  1. To upload a Test Document, locate the purple box at the bottom right of the screen. Here, you can drag a file into the box or click the actual box to browse for a file. 
  2. Once you have uploaded the document you will see the file name located under “Test Document”. Here, you can click on the file name to view it in Remark Test Grading Cloud Edition.

  3. One benefit of having a Test Document uploaded is that when you go to print your answer sheets (by clicking “Print Tests” at the top right of the page) you are able to print a copy of your Test Document with each copy of your Answer Sheet.
  4. To print a Test Document with a copy of each Answer Sheet, simply check the box that says “Include Test Document” before you select to download your answer sheets. This will produce a PDF that includes alternating Answer Sheets and Test Documents that you selected to print.
  • You also have the option to print your tests using both sides of the paper (if you have a duplex printer).






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