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Using the Blackboard Connector with Remark Test Grading Cloud

Remark Test Grading Cloud can connect directly to your Blackboard account so teachers can seamlessly send grades to Blackboard. Your Remark administrator must first set up a link to your Blackboard server. Then teachers can link classes and tests to Blackboard to send information between the two applications.

Note: The Blackboard Connector can be purchased through our sales department.

Once you connect your Remark and Blackboard accounts, you will see Class Links and Test Links buttons throughout Remark Test Grading Cloud. You no longer need to import your students or export your grades. Please ensure you are familiar with the basics of using Remark Test Grading Cloud before trying to link information. Each instructor should like their own classes (the administrator should not attempt to link classes for instructors).

Linking a Class

  1. On the desired class card click the “New Class” button.
  2. Click “Import from Blackboard.”
  3. Choose the desired Blackboard classes from the list to link to your Remark classes.
  4. Click “Link and Sync.”

You should now see any students in the Blackboard class in your linked Remark class as well. Once a class is linked to Blackboard, you cannot edit in Remark Test Grading Cloud. If you add students to your class in Blackboard at a later point, simply click the “Class Links” button and choose Sync with Blackboard to refresh your class list by pulling down any new students.

Linking a Test

You can link Remark tests to tests in Blackboard. If the test is given on paper, you can use Remark to grade those tests and then pass the grades back to Blackboard.

  1. Create a test in Blackboard.
  2. In Remark, on the desired test card click the “New Test” button.
  3. Click “Import from Blackboard.”
  4. Choose a Blackboard test from the drop down to link to your Remark test.
  5. Click “Link and Sync.”
  6. At this point you can create a new test in Remark. Click the “Edit Test” button.
  7. Click the “Start Designing My Test” button.
  8. Once your test is designed and administered, you can grade the test by uploading your scanned test images. Use this part of the product as you normally would to grade your tests.
  9. After you have graded the tests and optionally reviewed the data, you can send the grades back to Blackboard by clicking the “Sync Grades” button in the purple Respondents bar.
  10. Click “Sync with Blackboard.” The grades are sent to Blackboard and placed into the linked test.

You should now see the grades in the Blackboard test. If you grade additional tests at a later point, simply click the Sync Grades button again to send the grades to Blackboard.

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