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Using Video and Audio Files with Remark Web Survey

Remark Web Survey supports the embedding of multimedia in a web form. This includes video and audio files that you wish respondents to view while submitting your web form.

For example, suppose you are conducting a survey about a possible new product and want to show respondents a potential advertisement for the new product and then ask questions about it. Respondents can play the video clip (or audio clip) directly from the web form. Supported multimedia formats include: Moving Picture Experts Group (mpeg, mpg, mp3), Audio Video Interleave (avi), QuickTime (mov), Waveform (wav), Real Audio (ram, rm) and ShockwaveFlash (.swf).

You may either embed these files into the web form or provide a link (URL) to them on an existing website. You should understand the requirements of the format and player that you are using. In addition, your respondents must have the appropriate viewer and supporting files on their system in order to view the media. You may wish to put instructions on the web form indicating what respondents need to properly view your multimedia file.

Note that different browser's have varying capabilities and requirements when it comes to displaying multimedia files. We strongly suggest you test your web form with the browsers you expect to be able to support (e.g., the browsers you expect your respondents to use). There are moreĀ details availableĀ in the Remark Web Survey User's Guide.

Note: Remark Web Survey does not provide functionality to create multimedia files. These files must be created outside of Remark Web Survey.

To insert a multimedia file:

  1. Select an insertion point in the tree view.
  2. From the Ribbon, select the Insert tab and then click Multimedia. The Multimedia Properties window appears. (Note you may also insert elements by right clicking the tree view and then clicking Insert or Insert Before.)
  3. Use the system link to locate the multimedia you wish to insert into your web form. Alternatively, use the web address link to enter a URL to a multimedia file on an existing website. If you are entering a URL, Remark Web Survey will attempt to validate the link immediately.
  4. If desired, enter Standby text. Standby text, also refered to as alternate text, displays while the media player is loading so that your respondents know to wait.
  5. If desired, utilize the other properties within the Multimedia Properties window. (There is a summary of the multimedia attributes that can be set available in the User's Guide.)
  6. Click the OK button to save the multimedia file.

The multimedia file is added to the tree view and is visible in the HTML Preview window.

Tip: Displaying or hiding the multimedia player's controls can be set using the Format button in the Multimedia Properties window. For some browsers you may need to make the size of the player slightly larger in order to completely see the player's controls and the whole image.

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