Creating Alternating Answer Choice Labels

It is possible to set up alternate row regions in Remark Office OMR. The following example makes the assumption that the answer sheet contains 10 alternating rows of question choices: A B C D E and F G H I J.

  1. Create the form and scan it into the Template Editor to create the form template.
  2. Create a Multiple type OMR region containing multiple questions, in this case 1 - 10 and provide a region name.
  3. Label the five answer choices A - E.
  4. When the region is created, in the tree view list on the left, expand the region so the questions Q1Q10 are visible.
  5. Hold down the Ctrl key and highlight every other question so that Q2, Q4, Q6Q8 and Q10 are highlighted. While all five questions are still highlighted, right click and select Properties from the menu.
  6. In the Question Properties area, you now can control the Labels for the highlighted questions. Use the Labels grid to type the responses: F G H I J.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. When the Update properties message appears, click Yes. Save the template using File|Save (or Save As).


Note: The best way to double check alternating questions to be certain that the proper responses have been established for questions is to open the finished form template in the Remark Office OMR Data Center. You can then either process a filled in form or click in the cell for a specific question and view the drop down list of possible choices.

For more information on how to setup a template like this, you can view the free, four minute module at

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