Error 3004

An Error 3004  (the number of columns and rows do not match) occurs when creating OMR regions in the Template Editor. This error is typically caused by a degraded image where the marks are breaking up. Breaking up means that the bubbles have small gaps or holes in them (you may need to zoom in to see these). These cause the bubbles to be incomplete shapes, which Remark Office OMR cannot recognize as OMR marks.

Check to see if you are using complete shapes on your actual forms, such as bubbles (best created using an OMR bubble font or a capital Arial O) or checkboxes, not something like <> or [] or [ ]. If your form uses bubbles or checkboxes, is it in good visual shape or is it a bad photocopy where the text is missing or too light? If you are using bubbles or checkboxes that are complete and you are still getting an error 3004, try scanning your template image at a darker brightness setting (sometimes called threshold) on your scanner.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. In the Template Editor, double click the Page node containing the region with the error.
2. Click the Scanner Properties link.
3. If it is not already marked, mark the checkbox for Show TWAIN interface and click OK.
4. Place a blank copy of the page in the scanner.
5. Click the Acquire images from scanner button.
6. When the scanner's interface appears, locate the brightness setting (consult your scanner's manual for best results as they vary). Select a slightly darker setting (there is no magic number here; it will depend on your scanner and you may need to try a few settings to get the right one).
7. Scan the page.

You may need to adjust the brightness setting a few times to find the right one that keeps your marks intact. Once you have this setting, do not change it. Use the same setting to scan all the filled in forms.

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