Emailing Test Forms to Students

Test forms can be emailed directly to students, who then fill out the form in their PDF reader and email them back to the teacher. In this case the tests are never printed. 

To Set Up Test Answer Sheets for Email:

  1. In the Test Designer, click the Edit Design button under Design Settings.
  2. Click the General tab.
  3. Mark the checkbox for Allow students to submit their completed test answer sheets by email.
  4. Click the Save Design Settings button.
  5. Continue creating the rest of the test and save it.

To Distribute Test Answer Sheets to Students by Email:

  1. Choose the desired class and test.
  2. Click the Print Tests button.
  3. Mark the option for I would like to email my students their answer sheets.
  4. Mark the checkbox for Enable answer sheet to be completed (filled-in) electronically.
  5. Click the Email Students button to send out the answer sheets.
  6. A message appears in the bottom right corner of the screen once the emails are sent. You can now exit the Print Tests window.

Taking the Test and Returning it for Grading:

  1. Students receive the email with the test answer sheet attached and instructions.
  2. The student opens the answer sheet PDF and clicks their answer choices.
  3. When they are finished, they save the file.
  4. Students reply to the original email, attaching their completed test. The return email must come from the original email address used to send the test.
  5. The answer sheet goes directly to the cloud for processing. As the teacher, you should be able to see the results by selecting the test in Remark Test Grading Cloud. You can then review data, save data and run reports.


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