Troubleshooting Redirection on a Web Form Complete Page

When setting up a Web Form Complete page, you can either design the page in Remark Web Survey or redirect respondents to another existing page on your website (set up outside of Remark Web Survey). There could be a few reasons that form redirections are not working.

  1. The page specified may not exist, or the URL you have entered to redirect the respondent was not entered correctly. Open the form in Remark Web Survey. Double click the Web Form Complete page to view its properties. Check the Web Form Complete Page URL for accuracy. This URL must start with http://. Verify that the page specified exists on your web server in the location specified.
  2. CGI Redirection may not be working properly on your website. If after checking that the URL is correct and redirection still does not work, try changing how redirection is handled. Login to the Administration Control Panel ( script). In the Attributes section, deselect the checkbox for Use CGI for Form Redirections. Click the Update button to make the change. Try submitting the form again. Alternatively, if this checkbox is not marked, mark it and then try the web form again.
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