Data Download Options: Download, New Data Only and Incomplete Data

You have several choices when downloading data from Remark Web Survey.

If you select Download, you will get a complete copy of the data file that is on your web server for the particular form. If you use the drop down arrow to select New Data Only, you will only receive any records that have been submitted since the last time you downloaded. If you select Incomplete Data, you may elect to see data from forms that were not completed by some of your respondents.

Downloading only new records is helpful when you are saving the records to a data file. For example, you can download all records at intervals, do any cleanup you might need and then save them as a Remark (RMK) data file to a folder on your PC. Following this method, the next time you download, you would choose to download only the new records, do any cleanup you might need and then use the Append option when prompted in the Save Data As window. This eliminates the need to keep cleaning the data, while still allowing you to view the data as your survey is being administered. It also gives you the option to keep a copy of the data on your own PC rather than the server.

You can also choose to download incomplete data. These are data from web forms that were abandoned before the final submission of the form. Some of these data will be more complete than others. While may organizations do not use incomplete data, some may find it useful.

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