Using Email Templates in Remark Web Survey

In Remark Web Survey you can create email templates to be reused for commonly used web forms. You can create and save email templates to save time if you send the same information or reuse web forms. Once you have an email formatted the way you want it, you can save it as a template file. Or you can do all of the formatting within the Email Templates window. Email templates only save the information contained in the body of the email.

Use caution when applying an email template created with a different web form because the invitation URLs will not match. After applying the email template, remove the old URL by deleting it and use the Merge Fields button to insert the correct URL for this particular web form.

Email templates are saved in the following directory location: C:\Program Files\Gravic\Remark Web Survey 5\Email Templates

If you would like to view a short video training showing the email client in use, including how to make and use email template files, please click on the link below: Client Remark Web Survey 5.wmv

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