Creating a Rostered Class

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Creating classes and adding students manually: 
Creating classes and importing students:

As a teacher you can create your own classes and then add students manually or by importing a class list.

Note: Your administrator can also import all of your classes and students if desired.

  1. Starting out on the “My Classes” page, you can create a new class by clicking “New Class” at the top of the page.

  2. You are directed to the “New Class” page. Here you can define your Class Details- including Class Name, Class ID and assigning a teacher and term- and create your class.

  3. The option "All of my students will be on the roster" is set by default.
  4. Once you save your class, you are able to manage your class roster. Remark Test Grading Cloud Edition gives you the option to either import students from an existing file or manually add students to your roster. When choosing to manually enter students you have the option to either create a new student or add existing students. Note: You must have appropriate permissions to add new students to the system. See your administrator if you require this permission.
  5. To add a student to your roster who is already in the system, click the search box and enter in the student's name, or click the drop down to see a list of existing students.
  6. Searching for a student:

  7. If you cannot find the student in the system or you know the student is new to the system, and you have permissions to add students to the system, you can create a new student by clicking "create a new student now." You then enter the student details, including Student ID, Student Name, and optionally Student Email Address.

  8. Once you click Save Student”, the student is enrolled in the class. You can then add in more students.
  9. If you have a class list in an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file, you can import the students by choosing "Import my students from an existing file."  Note the requirements on the screen for your import. Make any changes to your import file if necessary.

  10. Click Import Students, then drag or browse to your file where it says "Click to browse or drag file here."

  11. A snapshot of your import appears. Click "Import Students" to complete the process.

  12. When you are finished adding students, click “Finished” and you can start creating and processing tests.



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