Managing Students

To manage your students, click Manage Students in the Account Dashboard.


You will be directed to the Student Management page.

On this page you can manage the students associated with your entire account.

To see how many total students you have, look to the bottom right of the page.

You can search for a specific student at the top of the page by clicking in the search bar.

To create a new student, click New Student.

This will direct you to the New Student page.

Once you have entered the new student’s credentials, click Save Student.



To delete a student, click the trash can icon at the far right of the line that belongs to the student you wish to delete; or to delete multiple students at once, check the box next to each student and click Delete Students at the top right of the page.

To import students, click Import Students.

You will be directed to the Import Students page.

Here you can import students from a CSV or Microsoft Excel format document.

When you have selected the document and class roster to place your students, click Import Students.

Please Note: There are specific guidelines to follow in order to import students from an existing file.






To edit a student, click the pencil icon on the far right that correlates with the student you wish to edit.

You will be directed to the Edit Student page.

Here, you can edit the student ID, personal information, Email Address, as well as make them Active/Inactive.

When you have finished editing a student, click Save Student.



Please Note: Inactive students will have the word "Inactive" next to it. 



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