Beginning Test Creation

You can create test answer sheets that match the test you give by using the test designer. This article explains how to get started with a new test.

  1. From your list of classes, choose the appropriate class and then click New Test.
  2. Enter a Test Name and then click Save Test.
  3. You can now add questions or edit the basic features of the test. In this article we cover the general features of the test. See related articles for adding Multiple Choice Questions, Math/Grid Questions and Open Ended Questions.
  4. Click the Edit Design button under Design Settings to see what you can customize. When you have completed customization, click the Save Design Settings button.

The following options are available:





a. Default: left alignment.
b. Justified: spreads the questions evenly across the page.
c. Centered: places the question section in the center of the page.


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