Mark Discrimination and Recognition Threshold in Remark Classic OMR

You can set mark discrimination and recognition threshold settings under Tools|OMR Scanner|OMR Scanner Properties. After selecting the type of scanner you are using, you will be able to adjust the Mark discrimination and Recognition threshold, along with several other settings.

Mark discrimination sets the value that determines the difference between two marks that are filled/partially filled. This allows the Remark software to determine which mark is actually filled. Recognition threshold sets how leniently or strictly the software will interpret marks. This setting specifies a value at which a mark is considered filled.

You can adjust either of these settings when you are having difficulty reading marks accurately. Here is how the two settings work together:

If two marks for a question are above the recognition threshold, the difference between the values for these two marks is calculated. If the difference is below the mark discrimination value, then both marks are reported as filled. However if the difference is greater than the mark discrimination value it means that there is enough variation in the marks such that Remark Classic OMR can pick one over the other.


Recognition Threshold = 5, Mark Discrimination = 3.  

  1. Two marks are above the Recognition Threshold with values 9 and 7. The difference is 2 but the Mark Discrimination is 3. Remark Classic OMR reports both as filled.
  2. Two marks are above the Recognition Threshold with values 10 and 6. The difference is 4. Remark Classic OMR reports only the 10 as being filled (the higher of the two marks).

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