Template Editor Loses Database Lookup Connection to SQL Server

In versions prior to Remark Classic OMR 4.3 there is an issue whereby when you connect to a SQL Server database for Database Lookup, when you return to the Properties window, the settings are not held. This problem is fixed in version 4.4. There is not currently an update to version 4.4, so if you are experiencing this issue, please contact support at support@gravic.com and we will provide the updated version to you (you must be running version 4.x to obtain this update). Please provide your serial number in your request.

In addition, you need to ensure that the SQL Server Browser service is started in Windows. To turn on the SQL Server Browser service:

1. Go to the Windows Control Panel.
2. Click Administrative Tools.
3. Click Services.
4. Double click SQL Server Browser.
5. Change the Startup Type to Automatic.
6. Click Start.
7. Click OK.

Once the service is started and your Template Editor is updated, you can return to the Database Lookup section if the Properties window in the Template Editor to configure your database connection.


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